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Key Person Insurance

HCR IFA Ltd are part of the DGS group of companies which includes DGS IFA Ltd. 

HCR IFA Ltd do not provide Corporate Advice however we do have access to Corporate Advisers through DGS IFA Ltd. If you are interested in receiving Corporate Advice, please contact us and we can introduce you to a Corporate Adviser at DGS IFA Ltd.

Key Person Insurance is designed to protect your company profits in the case of an untimely death or disability of a top salesperson, executive or business owner.

Key Person Insurance provides peace of mind to business owners and shareholders alike, knowing that the business can continue operating without major disruption in the event of the loss of a key employee.  If death or disability strikes your company, Key Man Insurance may be the difference between the company’s demise and its ultimate success.

You may think that Key Person Insurance is simply life insurance.  Yes, life insurance is one of necessary elements of a good Key Person Insurance policy, but in most cases Key Person Critical Illness Insurance is equally important.

While the risk of death is always present, with most ages, the risk of suffering a critical illness is much higher.  Therefore, to achieve adequate protection, most companies should consider securing both Key Person Life and Key Person Critical Illness Insurance on their key employees and directors.


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