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Group Personal Pensions

HCR IFA Ltd are part of the DGS group of companies which includes DGS IFA Ltd. 

HCR IFA Ltd do not provide Corporate Advice however we do have access to Corporate Advisers through DGS IFA Ltd. If you are interested in receiving advice in this area, please contact us and we can introduce you to a Corporate Adviser at DGS IFA Ltd.

What is a GPP

A Group Personal Pension (GPP) scheme is a collection of personal pension plans provided by you for your employees. Each employee will get their own plan, which you can both contribute to.  The contributions can either be invested in a default fund or from a portfolio of funds made available to your employees.

The main advantage of using a pension to save for retirement is its privileged tax status.  When contributions are made to a pension they attract tax relief and the pension is allowed to grow in a tax efficient environment.

How we can help you

HCR works closely with DGS IFA Ltd who are an independent employee benefits broker and can advise you on the most appropriate Pension scheme for your business, taking into account your organisation’s objectives, specific requirements and budget. We can even project manage your auto enrolment staging requirements and support you and your employees on an on-going basis.

They undertake a thorough independent provider selection process based on your requirements.  They will assist you with communicating this benefit to your employees, as well as providing on-going support and advice if you or your employee’s have any queries relating to the scheme.

If you are looking to review or harmonise your existing pension arrangements, DGS IFA Limited can provide you with the advice you need.


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