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Group Private Medical Insurance

HCR IFA Ltd are part of the DGS group of companies which includes DGS IFA Ltd. 

HCR IFA Ltd do not provide Corporate Advice however we do have access to Corporate Advisers through DGS IFA Ltd. If you are interested in receiving advice in this area, please contact us and we can introduce you to a Corporate Adviser at DGS IFA Ltd.

What is a Private Medical Insurance

A group Private Medical Insurance (PMI) plan typically covers the cost of accessing diagnosis and treatment for eligible conditions in private hospitals or wards, with your choice of specialist.

Whether you have 3 or 500 employees, by providing Private Medical Insurance, your employees will have the reassurance and peace of mind of knowing that if they fall ill they will have access to diagnosis and treatment.

How we can help you

HCR works closely with DGS IFA Limited who are an independent employee benefits broker and can advise you on the most appropriate Private Medical Insurance scheme for your business, taking into account your organisation’s objectives, specific requirements and budget.

They undertake a thorough independent provider selection process based on your requirements.  They will assist you with communicating this benefit to your employees, as well as providing on-going support and advice if you or your employee’s have any queries relating to the Private Medical Insurance scheme.

If you are looking to review or harmonise your existing Private Medical Insurance arrangements, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a qualified adviser at DGS IFA Limited who can provide you with the advice you need.

Why offer it?

Benefits to your business of providing Private Medical Insurance can include:

  1. Assisting employees in returning to work more quickly
  2. Effective recruitment and retention tool to attract and retain talent
  3. Improved morale – by making employees feel valued and cared for
  4. Getting  medical issues addressed before they get worse, leading to shorter employee absences due to illness
  5. In some instances, depending on the provider, other associated benefits, such as reduced gym membership and access to employee assistance programmes (EAPs) can be provided.

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