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Workplace Financial Advice and Education

HCR IFA Ltd are part of the DGS group of companies which includes DGS IFA Ltd. 

HCR IFA Ltd do not provide Corporate Advice however we do have access to Corporate Advisers through DGS IFA Ltd. If you are interested in receiving advice in this area, please contact us and we can introduce you to a Corporate Adviser at DGS IFA Ltd.

What is it?

Workplace financial advice is an employee benefit in its own right.  It shows that you care about the financial wellbeing of your employees by providing them with the time to talk with a trusted financial adviser in the workplace.  Often we talk with employees about managing their finances – employees worrying about their own financial circumstances will admit to us that it has affected their drive and motivation at work.  Other areas of financial advice typically include……

Employee financial education can give your workforce a greater understanding of money and investments, and allow them to make more informed decisions – both now and in the future! This demonstrates that you are a responsible and caring employer.

Why offer financial advice and education to your employees?

  • Employees appreciate how their benefits package helps to meet their financial needs
  • Employees appreciate the value of their benefits package and understand that it is a part of their overall remuneration
  • More productive employees – FCA data shows that those who are more financially educated are more likely to feel in control of their lives, including their working lives.  Financial concerns can be a big worry for employees, resulting in stress, absenteeism, performance and staff retention issues
  • There is an ever increasing concern about people not saving enough for their retirement.  A workplace financial wellness programme can ensure that you are demonstrating to your employees that you listen and care about them, and also their family’s future
  • A very cost effective addition to your employee benefits package

So… don’t miss the trick!

HCR have a close working relationship with DGS IFA Limited who can manage and run your workplace financial advice and education programme.

They can run topical seminars throughout the year and also arrange financial one-to-ones with your employees and our expert independent financial advisers.

All you need to do is provide them with a room and they will do the rest.   Their corporate support team will liaise directly with your employees to arrange appointments.

They even provide you with marketing material to promote the initiative.

For a free consultation to discuss your Workplace Financial Advice and Education requirements together with any other financial needs

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