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Free Auto Enrolment One to One Session

HCR have a close working relationship with DGS IFA Limited . The corporate advisers at DGS IFA Limited will take you through a step by step guide to complying with ‘your’ auto enrolment requirements, allowing you to:

Understand ‘your’ planning timetable

They can tell you where you are meant to be in terms of your progress and what steps you’ll need to take from start to the finish. Are you where you need to be right now? What areas do you need to consider?  How long will it take? We’ll get you on the right track!

Understand ‘your’ pension scheme options

Is your current pension scheme compliant with auto enrolment legislation?  Will you need to set up a pension scheme as part of this process or make changes to your existing scheme? What duties do you have and who in the company is responsible? They’ll talk to you in plain English to help you understand all the options available.

Understand ‘your’ administration options

How will you process your members? Can your payroll provider help with the auto enrolment duties and MI reporting for the Pensions Regulator? What about all the comms? Would you benefit from middleware software? Have you considered how you will meet your reporting requirements?  They can talk you through the options available.

So what are you waiting for?  Start your planning process today and sign-up above! 

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