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Free Employee Benefits Review

HCR has a close working relationship with DGS IFA Limited who are able to offer a free review which will deliver a thorough assessment of your current employee benefits  programme and where it could improve – plus costings of any potential benefits you may be looking to introduce.  

Whether you’re looking to implement employee benefits for the first time or review what you already have, their expert advisers can provide you with the costings of various types of employee benefits.They can also review the ‘whole’ market in relation to your existing benefits programme. Their review will let you know if there are more cost effective options out there, or schemes with better key features. They can also advise you of what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to employee benefits, making sure you are competitive in the market.

Are there more cost effective options out there? 

They can assess your existing benefits by reviewing the whole market, producing an independent report on your current arrangements. This will allow us to identify any potential cost savings or schemes that can offer additional features for your employees.

Benefits costing menu

Whether you already provide employee benefits or are starting from scratch, they can provide you with a costed menu of employee benefits that are available on the market.

It will also save you doing hours of research yourself.

Advise you on market trends

The corporate team at DGS IFA Limited deal with employee benefits day in and day out. They can advise you of what’s hot and what’s not and what benefits could fit your employee profile and culture. They can talk to you about some of the newer employee benefits/perks that you may wish to consider, to give you that competitive edge in the market – including flexible benefits.

They can also help you build a business case for employee benefits.

If you’re looking to set up employee benefits or want a review of what you already have, sign-up above for a free ‘no-obligation’ employee benefits review meeting! 

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